Dorothea Brande on Becoming a Writer

Books being the original internet, I’ve followed an analog hyperlink from Ray Bradbury’s lovely Zen writing manifesto to discover another treasure trove of wisdom — Dorothea Brande’s (1893–1948) altogether indispensable Becoming a Writer. I’ve ravenously devoured all of it and want to share one fragment that seems to me of profound importance, for it not … Read more

Our Reading Life Favorite Quote, November 4, 2023

Nature is our mother. But as we grow up, we spend less and less time in her abiding presence. Do you find yourself stuck within the confines of a city life? Do you feel the longing to reconnect with the natural world? Great transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau certainly felt this longing when he embarked on … Read more

Aristotle on Passion vs. Intelligence

My reading adventures take me to most breathtaking places on earth. That’s why I wanted to share with you one of my latest tours to Greece, famous for giving us the myth of Narcissus and Echo, the myth of Eros and Psyche, the myth of Medusa and Perseus, the myth of Sisyphus and his eternal … Read more